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Annual Report


Dear Readers,


In January 2016, Wikipedia had its 15th anniversary and celebrations were held in many locations across the world. At Wikimedia Deutschland, we marked this occasion throughout the entire year. In December, as a gift to Wikipedia’s active contributors, we entrusted a disc with Wikipedia articles in nearly 180 languages to a private mission to outer space. The global Wikipedia community decided collectively which articles should be immortalized on the moon as a snapshot of the knowledge of mankind. The initiative shows how far the idea of an encyclopedia that everyone can openly edit in just 15 years has come. It is the most successful project of its kind, used by millions of people – and it would be unthinkable without the effort of thousands of volunteers.

Fifteen years after Wikipedia’s birth, open knowledge means a lot more than free articles on a website: communities write, take pictures, follow projects, meet virtually and in person. We support them at Wikimedia Deutschland and try to inspire even more people to participate. We develop software that makes work in the projects easier. We are, moreover, committed to establishing a political and legal framework so that knowledge can also be openly shared and used in the future. On this webpage, we not only take a look at these three areas of emphasis, but at all the areas that shaped the work of our organization in 2016.

Wikipedia is only possible thanks to the people who contribute to it. This is also true of the work of Wikimedia Deutschland and our many members – 50,000 at the start of 2017 – and donors. Many thanks to everyone who supported us in 2016!

Porträt von Abraham Taherivand
Abraham Taherivand
Executive Director
Porträt von Tim Moritz Hector
Tim Moritz Hector
Chair of the Supervisory Board

Year in Review 2016


learning materials were published to strengthen international exchange.

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Focal points

New volunteers

  • Declining number of authors
  • Facilitating participation
  • Explainer videos
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  • Knowledge needs data
  • Developing and strengthening Wikidata
  • Data partnerships
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Technical wishes

  • Editors need good tools
  • Co-developing software and meeting community demands
  • RevisionSlider
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Political and legal work

  • Copyright is complicated
  • Simplifying photo credits
  • Attribution generator
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Association and communities

  • Personal exchange is important for online engagement
  • Supporting community meet-ups
  • WikiCon
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Open Science

  • Science is exclusive
  • Open Science
  • Open Science Fellows Program
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Open education

  • Usability of educational resources has hurdles
  • Promoting open education
  • Mapping OER and Bündnis Freie Bildung
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Wikimedia movement

  • One vision, many paths
  • Facilitating exchange, shaping the future
  • Wikimedia Conference
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  • Finding like-minded people in your vicinity can be difficult
  • Creating spaces for volunteers
  • Wikipedia offices
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Annual Plan for 2017

  • Many participants, many ideas
  • Building a future together
  • Participative planning
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Wikipedia turns 15

  • No volunteers, no Wikipedia
  • Honoring volunteer engagement
  • Wikipedia to the Moon
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50,000 members

  • Free Knowledge is no matter of course
  • Educating together
  • Becoming a member
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Finances 2016

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