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Looking back at 2016

In 2016, one of our primary goals was to increase the number of Wikipedia volunteers and the reach of Wikidata, the open knowledge database. Together with our partners, we also wanted to expand our opportunities for advocating on behalf of open knowledge on a political level.

We were able make great progress with many of our individual organizational goals. In some areas, however, the year 2016 was also an opportunity to learn. We, accordingly, tried out new ways to attract and retain new authors for Wikipedia. Unfortunately, we had to postpone a major online campaign we had planned, as a lot of preliminary work still needed to be done. We further improved and made the technology behind the global Wikipedia platform more user-friendly. In fact, Wikidata is on the verge of making open knowledge much more accessible for a variety of applications – even outside of the Wikimedia projects. Along with UNESCO, we have defined for the first time a clear process for institutions to donate their data to Wikidata. Our political and legal work is now stringently applied to all areas of the association. From a structural standpoint, we, alongside other European Wikimedia organizations, are also better positioned in Brussels. The application of legally compliant licenses has become much easier due to the attribution generator we developed. It now needs to be better disseminated and made to work for image sources other than Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons.

In 2016, Wikimedia Deutschland implemented many other projects that will be presented in this annual report.

Besides working on our projects, in 2016, we once again carried out a successful fundraising campaign and recorded strong growth in our membership. There were also personnel changes: In December, the association’s Executive Director, Christian Rickerts, was appointed state secretary in the Berlin regional government. He was succeeded by Abraham Taherivand, who previously headed our software department.


videos were produced to facilitate the onboarding of new Wikipedia authors.

How can you donate data to Wikidata? Over


times the new portal for data donations was visited.

The “RevisionSlider” will now be available in


Wikipedia language versions (German, Arabic, Hebrew) as well as an optional feature in all other languages.


photo credits were created with the attribution generator.


participants went to WikiCon – a record for the largest gathering of Wikipedia contributors in Germany.


researchers were trained in the area of Open Science.

Together with


partner organizations, we advocated for open education.


learning materials were published to strengthen international exchange.


new local Wikipedia space was opened in Munich.



people participated in our annual planning for 2017.


outstanding Wikipedia articles and lists were prepared for the moon.



euros, Wikimedia received its so far largest single donation.

We have recruited over


new members to the organization.